Thursday, 3 July 2014

June Beauty Favorites!

Bonjour everyone!

Can you believe June is over?! It is insane how time flies! So, on this first week of July I decided to share with you guys my June beauty favorites!

Clarins Daily Energizer Cream-Gel

I have previously used another product of this range - the daily energizer cream and loved it. I finished it about 2 months ago and decided to try the cream-gel. It is basically the same product, only the texture is different. You probably guessed it, this one is a little bit more jelly-like. This range from Clarins is mostly aimed for younger skin and works great if your skin tends to be oily like mine. It hydrates your skin without making it shiny and dries super quickly! I apply it every morning after using my cleanser and toner.

Yves Rocher Pure System Stop Blemish Lotion

I bought this online on Spree a little bit more than a month ago (See my Spree haul here) because I had quite a few blemishes on my face. I have been using it ever since and I am extremely pleased with it. I mentioned it before and I will definitely write a full post about it. Aloe is an amazing plant with so many health benefits! I find blemish-prone skin products can be really harsh on the skin but this one really feels different! Don't get me wrong it does fight the annoying pimples but it also hydrates your skin well and the aloe helps with healing your skin. Having said that and knowing some of the ingredients (alcohol amongst other), I would not recommend it to people with dry or sensitive skin.

Yves Rocher Apricot Fruity Face Scrub (Botanical based ingredients- Paraben free- No animal ingredients)

 If you have an oily skin like me, you would agree that sometimes your pores just feel all clogged up especially around the nose, forehead and chin areas. Well, this product definitely helps! I must warn you though, it might smell yummy and sweet but apricot scrub is very hard on the skin! It can be really damaging (basically create micro cuts all over your face)! It is not a product to use everyday! I use it about once a week, maybe less, and focus on the clogged up areas as mentioned above. Also... Don't push too hard while rubbing the scrub on your face - be gentle! The product is enough to do the job, no need to add extra power!

Neutrogena Lip balm- Protection 6h 

This product is AMAZING! I bought it in a pharmacy while I was in Paris. It was winter so my lips were seriously suffering! If you have dry or even damaged lips don't look any further! This baby is what you need. It will nourish your lips and heal everyday cracks or little cuts in a couple of days. The texture is very different, it really feels like you are applying cream on your lips! My lips are fine now but I still use it every morning as a "primer" for hydration. After applying it, any lipstick will glide on your lips like butter!

Maybelline Color Tattoo (On and on Bronze) 24h & Bourjois Color Edition 24h (6902 Gold)

These two are similar products, both of them are great eye shadows that you can also use as tinted primers.They last really long and are super easy to apply. For me the main difference is the texture. Maybelline color tattoo is a gel-cream eye shadow. Basically it is a thick cream, very pigmented and it stretches and blends very easily on the eyelid. On the other hand, Bourjois Color Edition has a cream to powder texture meaning that it applies smoothly, but still keeps the powdery feeling of an eye shadow. I couldn't decide which one is my favorite because I have been using them equally throughout the month of June!    

       Top: Bourjois Color Edition Bottom: Maybelline Color Tattoo          

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat

Incredible, luxurious concealer/highlighter! Need I say more? This is a classic and I finally own it thanks to my awesome best friend! I love to use it for nights out for a flawless "photo-ready" makeup!

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Forget about the flat foundation brush! If you are looking for good quality brushes at an affordable price than go for Real Techniques. I have a few but this one is my all time favorite! It works beautifully with any type of foundation and really does the job. Effortless, perfect finish every single day!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Feel free to leave a comment below!

'Till later, aurevoir!



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