Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Vampire Makeup Look


Bonjour everyone!

Last weekend I decided to try another "freaky" makeup look! As I mentioned in one of my latest posts: I am slowly but surely starting to try some special effect makeups! I have been fascinated by it for a while and I thought: "Why not try it?" 

So! After the half skull look (see it here) I really wanted to try and do a vampire! 

Below are some photos of the final result :

     without flash

with flash

Teeth close up

Products I used

Foundation: L'Oreal Advanced never fail makeup (18Hr) in the color 603 Classic Ivory.
This is a normal foundation, the color is too pale for me to use in my everyday routine but it was perfect for this purpose and still looked "natural". For a more dramatic look, you can use white or a very light grey face paint.

Setting powder: Rimmel Stay matte pressed powder in the color 001 Transparent.

Eyes makeup: Black and dark purple eye shadows (both matte), I also used a little bit of the purple eye shadow as bronzer (on the hallows of my cheeks). Liquid liner (black), eye pencil (black) and false lashes (Eyelashes Fantasy- Fuller dramatic lashes from Clicks).

Teeth: Custom Designer Dracula Fangs by Dracula house in the size medium.

Contact lenses: Yellow and black (I bought them online here).
Did you know that contact lenses have a specific side-up when applied to the eyes? I didn't! I first put them on and it really felt uncomfortable because the lens kept on moving across my eye! I realized (after a lot of tears and frustration) that they were the wrong way around! Anyway! Maybe it only applies for festive lenses? If you know more or had a similar experience please do let me know in the comment section below!

Blood: Fleet St. Bloodworks Fresh drying blood.
The make up artist at the shop actually told me that it is the blood they used in the movie Sweeney Todd!
I was obviously sold immediately!
Like the description mentions, it is fresh blood, meaning it is very red! If you are looking for a darker looking blood, I would suggest you get one called "coagulated blood".

For a detailed tutorial, go check out the very inspiring Lex Fleming's video :

And, if you are into special effect makeup and you live in Cape Town, you need to go check out Masque (their Facebook page here)! It is a warehouse where I am pretty sure you will find everything you are looking for when it comes to this type of makeup! I did! Plus, they are really friendly and helpful!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Feel free to leave a comment below!

'Till later, aurevoir!



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