Wednesday, 11 June 2014

On special effect makeup / Half Skull makeup inspired by Lex Fleming.

Bonjour Everyone!

It is quite clear with this blog that I am a big fan of makeup and beauty in general! But here is something that you didn’t know about me: I am also very much into special effect makeup!
It all started with a Halloween dress up party 3 years ago. I decided to go ‘all out” and looked for makeup ideas on Internet. What I discovered was amazing! I realized that makeup is also the art of transformation and I couldn’t believe some of the looks I saw! Obviously I did not have the technique or material to pull off something too extreme but I was very happy with the outcome! I became a nurse, half way through a zombie transformation (yes I did put a lot of thinking into it, even had my character’s story ready for the party)

A few months ago I discovered Lex Fleming’s YouTube channel: Madeyewlook
She is an amazing self-taught makeup artist (seriously go check it out, it is INSANE)! I think I spent the WHOLE day on YouTube watching all her videos. I was so inspired by her in so many ways.
She is a supporter of great causes including anti –bullying and is also very involved in finding a cure for diabetes. The positive way she looks at life and her passion and motivation really triggered something in me! 

As I mentioned above I am extremely drawn to special effect makeup but I would like to make it clear that I am a beginner!

For my first real attempt, I decided to go for a "easy", basic and very popular look : the half skull makeup. And how lucky was I! Lex has a step by step tutorial on her channel!

So! Here it is:

To see Lex's tutorial, click here

Below are the products I have used. You will note that the products are different than that of Lex's, but I was very pleased with my result (as a first attempt).

-Black and white face paint (water based)
 I found it at a craft shop for very cheap. The texture is very creamy and easy applicable. Although I must say that when it dries it is not really comfortable and doesn’t really move with your face. Mine even cracked a little but it gave a nice effect to the makeup because it goes well with the whole skull thing. I would not recommend it for any other look especially if you are going to wear it for a long time, at a party or event because it does get uncomfortable very quickly. If it is for a try out or to take photos then I guess it can do the job.

 -2 paint brushes : 1 quite large to apply the white paint on my face, and a very small one for the lines and fine details.

-Black eye pencil (I used the Bourjois Khol & Contour 16h)

-Black eye shadow(I used a matte charcoal eye shadow)

-“White out” contact lenses (bought them online here)

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