Thursday, 5 June 2014

Monthly meeting with Sew&Such: How NOT to make candles

Bonjour everyone!

Ina-Mari (Sew&Such) and myself are planning to meet up every month to try some new creative projects, mostly craft and DIY ideas we got from Pinterest.
For our first meeting, we decided to make candles! So exciting!

I went to a craft shop and bought all the gear: paraffin, candle rope and crayons (for coloring the wax).

We put all the ingredients on the table and made a cup of tea. Ina took out glass jars (in which we planned to make the candles), food colorant and some old candles that we could melt as well.

So for now, just picture us all positive and motivated! We were even talking about how we could make a whole batch and sell them on the market!

Well, let me tell you, it didn’t really turn out as we planned! I think we both agreed that it was actually an epic fail, or what some people also call a "Pinstrosity", meaning a real life result of a pin. Because, I must break it to you dear readers, life isn't Pinterest-perfect…

I am not going to go in detail on how we did it, because we obviously did it wrong! But here is what we  learned from this mess :

1. Melting Method:
Our first idea was to melt the wax in the microwave, in paper cups. We only left it 10 seconds at the time because we were worried the whole thing was going to explode or catch on fire. I think this was probably the first sign that maybe we were not ready for such an adventure! As you can imagine the wax didn’t melt at all so we decided to move onto the stove and melt it in an old rusted pan.
It worked beautifully! After doing some "post disaster" research I found out that doing the double boiler method (see it here) would have worked even better...

2.Coloring the wax:
 Food coloring is a bad idea! No really! The chemical reaction in that pan was frightening !!! (bubbles and scary pshhhh sounds).
And you know what? Forget about the crayons too… Seriously, just buy candle colorant! I picked a purple crayon and mixed it with the paraffin. The liquid was a nice purple/pink color! When my candle dried, it was WHITE. I prefer not to mention the color of Ina-Mari's candle in the end... Mostly because I really can not describe it (nothing I have ever seen before)! I think it is probably because we should have planned using 2 pans to avoid mixing the colors together... We basically invented the worst color I have ever seen! (I’m not kidding and I will state Ina’s words: “chunky vomit”)

See for yourself! Here is the end result :

A funnel is a good idea when you are going to pour the wax into the container. Trust us, otherwise half of the wax WILL end up next to the container.

It took us the whole afternoon to make 3 candles! When we put them on the table after cleaning up, I thought to myself : "Surely, we can do better than this!" It seriously looked like a 3 year old kid's present for mother’s day. But oh boy, we had a good laugh!
So yeah! It turns out making candles is not that easy!
The best advice we can give you is to do a bit of homework and preparation beforehand!

We are not giving up on the idea, but we might just give it a little time and thinking before we try again.

I will be posting reviews and tutorials of our monthly meetings. Hopefully they will be more successful than this one!

Have you ever experienced a "Pinstrosity" (Pinterest fail)? Let me know in the comment section below!

Oh, and if you like pretty things, crafts, DIY, doggies and good food (with wine) please go visit Ina-Mari's website : Sew&Such
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'Till later, Aurevoir!



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