Sunday, 22 June 2014

June Rubybox Unboxing & Review

Bonjour everyone!

If you have read my previous beauty box review (here) you will notice that I have changed my "supplier" from Birchbox to Rubybox. I just want to mention that I have nothing bad to say about Birchbox! The reason why I changed was simply because I moved from France to South Africa and Birchbox does not deliver here. It is exactly the same concept: You receive a beauty box every month with products based on your "beauty profile". Rubybox (here) also have an very nice online shop with lots of awesome products and a menbox! (here)

So! Here are the products I got in my first Rubybox (June)

1. Rubybox Beauty Smooch Stick (lips crayon) in the color tangerine tango.

I am really excited about the color! When I opened it, I thought it might be a bit too bright for winter.
 Orange shades are usually more summer-ish in my eyes but this baby is actually also perfect for the colder months! When you apply it on your lips, it becomes a gorgeous deep matte orange! The only negative thing I can say about this sample is that it doesn't really last long (about an hour then you need touch up).

 2. Beaucience Botanicals Nourishing Conditioner. With organic Marula oil and cashmere

I have been on a mission lately to really take extra special care of my hair so this product was definitely welcome in my bathroom cabinet! It claims to hydrate and smooth your hair which is basically what I need. Unfortunately I cannot tell you a lot about it because I could not take it out of the bottle! I tried everything. Well... Everything you can possibly try while in the shower! I think the packaging is the problem. You can not pour or squeeze it out or even shake it out! I also tried to scoop it out with my pinky but the hole is too small... (Yes, I was desperate!)

3. Tip Top Cuticle Treatment. Moisturises Nails, nail beds and cuticles 
The directions read as follow : massage into cuticle, nail and surrounding skin every night. Do not wash off.

This is actually a full size product! I am a massive fan of the brand Tip Top! The quality of their nail polishes is incredible and they are really cheap! I think most of the polishes I have are from them. It stays for almost a week without chipping and don't even let me start talking about the selection of colors! AMAZING!
I never tried their treatment before. My nails were in a state lately because I've been wearing fake nails for quite a while. I decided to take a break from the "falsies" and repair my nails a little (good timing Rubybox!!!). I've done it every night since I got it and it is definitely working. My nails condition is much better now!
Unfortunately, the brand is only available in South Africa. I might have to do a give away for those of you who live elsewhere :)

4. Nivea In shower Moisturizer.
Directions read as follow : 1.Use your normal shower product and rinse off. 2.Apply in shower body moisturizer while still in the shower. 3.Rinse off and dry yourself.

 I actually saw the ad' for this product on TV in France and I was very intrigued by it! I mean, it is a body conditioner basically! (Why didn't I think of that?) It was exciting for me because I must confess, I don't really use body moisturizer... I never have the patience to put it on and let it dry!
On the other hand, I was also a bit sceptical because body cream is not really something you should rinse off!
Anyway! I've tried it and it worked for me! It is quick and easy to apply (just like you would your shower gel). It feels exactly like body cream and rinses off easily! I checked my skin after I dried myself with a towel and it was really nice and soft. Now I just need to see if it does the job in the long run! Also, my skin is not really dry so if you do have very dry skin it might not be enough hydration!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! Feel free to leave a comment bellow.

'Till later, aurevoir!



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  1. I love the in shower body mosturiser! x