Thursday, 8 May 2014

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Here are 5 beauty mistakes I have made and learned from! I also included some tips that worked wonders for me! I am not saying it is necessary to follow my instructions, again, I am just sharing my experience!

1. Over-washing your face 

I had quite an oily skin during my teenage years and it made me feel very self-conscious (damn you puberty!). The only way I found to fix it was to wash it often. Let me tell you : it is a bad idea! By washing it so often I was making my skin produce more oil, which is in fact a natural, protective occurrence. The more you wash it, the more it comes back. I realized this after doing some research about oily skin and talking to people around me. If you have this problem, do not wash your face more than twice a day (morning and evening before you go to bed is enough).

2.Not putting on face cream


Again, because my skin was oily, I refused to put any cream on my face thinking that it will make it more oily or more shiny! This couldn't have been further from the truth , because all you need is to find products that are made for YOUR skin type. Now, I know not all of you readers have oily skin, and maybe you are unsure of your skin type. The ideal thing would be to go to a dermatologist to find out, but here is a trick you can use that will give you a good idea about your skin type :

Wipe your face with a clean tissue as soon as you wake in the morning. Here is what people with different skin types will find with this test:

Normal Skin- The tissue is oil free and your skin feels as elastic and supple as ever.

Dry Skin- The tissue is oil free but your facial skin feels dry and tight.

Oily skin- The tissue has oily spots and your face looks oily especially the nose and forehead areas.

Combination Skin- The tissue has oil traces when you wipe your nose, forehead or chin but is clean when you wipe your cheeks.

Sensitive Skin- Those who have this skin type do not usually need the tissue-test to figure this out. That’s because sensitive skin reacts actively to several things- harsh sunlight, dehydration, many creams / shampoos / cosmetics, even the weather.

3.Overdoing foundation on a bad skin-day 

I used to think that putting more foundation on my face when having bad skin-days helped hiding pimples or redness. I realized after a while that it actually did the opposite , meaning it instead drew attention to the imperfections. Everybody goes through bad skin-days! Do not worry too much about it! Instead, use a little bit of concealer to hide your imperfections (take time  to blend it). If that is enough then off you go! If you still want to  add  foundation (maybe to even you skin tone) I would suggest  to rather use a brush or a sponge to apply it instead of using your fingers. Put a small amount on the back of your hand and add the foundation little by little  until it is enough. Gradually build it up instead of putting too much from the begining. That will also help maintain a healthly / clean skin.

 As I mentionned in my previous point, try to find a product that is suitable for YOU. If you have a dry skin, then you should be buying a moisturising foundation. If your skin tends to be oily, then you should buy a matte, oil-free foundation. If you have a sensitive skin, then you should be wearing foundation which contains no perfume in it as this will irritate your skin and cause it to be more sensitive.

Lastly, if you have a problematic skin, then you should be using a medicinal foundation that is prescribed by a dermatologist or you can also use a matte, oil-free foundation.

4.Thinking it's ok to go to sleep with your makeup

It is not! Do not do it! I woke up one day with my eyes itching and burning like crazy. I went to the pharmacy immediately and found out both my eyes developed an infection because I was sleeping with my mascara on.

Since then, I always, always remember to remove my makeup before I go to bed. No matter what time you go to bed or how sleepy you are, do it! Your skin needs rest too. Also remember that leaving your makeup on at night for a long time can cause your pores to clog up which results in pimples all over your face.
You can take off your makeup by using a daily face wash or you can use facial cleansing wipes. When using the wipes, just remember to make sure that you have wiped all over your face and take special effort to clean your eyelashes with wet ear buds. Bacteria tend to easily form on old mascara causing your eyelashes to become shorter. That’s why it’s important not to sleep with mascara on and as a rule not to use mascara older than 6 months.

5. Using makeup in general

I started wearing makeup early in my life and I can say that it can get quite addictive. A lot of women think they are not as pretty without makeup ( I was one of them ) and sometimes they are so self-conscious that they misuse it.

Makeup can do wonders for oneself if it’s done correctly and with a little bit of discipline. Always remember that makeup is an art and should be used in moderation.The less makeup you apply, the more attractive and natural you will look. The key here is to still look the same as  when you’re not wearing makeup, but you want to enhance your best features . You don’t want to look like a clown or all caked up!
Treat yourself to no-makeup days! For instance, you don't need makeup to go to the nearby shop to buy bread and milk. And for lazy days at home, do some pampering, masks, exfoliate, and leave the makeup in the drawers!

Makeup should be a fun thing to do, but always remember that is not where your true natural beauty lies!

I’d love to read your beauty / makeup tips. Feel free to leave a comment below !

'Til later, Aurevoir!


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